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Harry Schmidt is the heart and soul of Harry's restaurant.

He began his culinary oddysey in his native Germany, where he was taught the fundamentals of cooking in the Black Forest region at the tender age of 16.  Working long hours he still found time to court Kirsten, the love of his life, who has been with him throughout his adventurous life.

For almost 3 years Harry saw service in the German Marines, working long days cooking for troops then running an officer's club at on-the-side at night.  His manic work ethic has been in evidence for a long time.

Upon discharge, the lure of the sea still called so he joined the merchant navy, travelling to all corners of the world but, strangely, never Australia.  He experience many different culinary sensations before returning home to Germany.  At this point he decided it was time to hone his skills.

He trained further in Cologne in a Michelian starred restaurant, working his way up to head chef.The lure of a new adventure called, so he joureyed  to Australia to find out about a land he had never previously visited.  After three days he found a sponsor, returned to Germany and packed up his life and family and started the next stage of a facinating life.

In Australia he was the head chef at The Willows before opening a Mornington Penisula icon, Bistro 115, which was under his control for 25 years.  Ten years ago a new challenge presented itself with the construction of an iconic building in Cowes.  Harry saw the potential (and the view) and swapped bays to combine a love for European inspired dishes with the extensive range of fresh and unique ingredients.

Harry has a keen eye for the best seafood, meat and produce available.  He scours the markets and develops strong relationships with suppliers to access the best they have.  Bringing it back to Phillip Island, fresh and ready to prepare, the menu is developed based on these expeditions, ensuring the best dining experience for his guests.

"Best seafood in Cowes”

Lovely view, great service (including a wine recommendation which was perfect and not frightfully expensive) fantastic food. Fair prices.We met the chef. We had the mussels and the quail. He did a terrific job. Perfect in fact. Will go back.

Jenny Murray , Dingley, Victoria
Harry Schmidt
Restaurant Owner

Harry Schmidt is the heart and soul of Harry's restaurant.

Harry Schmidt
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